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Know What Type of Photo Paper You Can Use

printing a document would be normal for you who work every day in that field. However, if you print photos, then you have to use different paper and special for the prints can be perfect and look good. In Orajet, you can get a good printer that also affects the photo prints.

To print your own photos, then you should be able to know what kind of photo paper you can use to print them. Some types of photo paper you should know are

– Premium Glossy Photo Paper. This photo printing paper is often called a high gloss that is able to provide photo prints with a more shiny effect. This type of photo print is very suitable for high-resolution photo types, as it will make the prints even lighter and brighter. But the weakness of this photo paper is in terms of a much more expensive price.

– Double Side Paper. Usually, these photo prints are used for printing pamphlets in hanging. Why is that? because two parts of this paper front and back can be used. The results of print the photo with this paper tend not to shine, but still will look good.

– Laster Photo Paper. This type of photo printing paper is also suitable for high-resolution photos. In addition, the results of photo printing using this paper can cause the effect of orange peel. The advantages of photo paper are the quality of photo-printing paper that can last long, so the photo will be more durable and not easily fade in terms of color.

– Glossy Photo Paper. This type of photo paper is pretty good, but the price is affordable. His ordinary photo paper is used for standard photo printing and is widely used by small photo print studies. Print paper quality of this photo is a white and shiny color, but it is able to provide good photo prints.

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