Learn To Be A Cool 7-Step Cosplayer

By Viola J Wolfson / December 1, 2018

There are some basic things you should know as cosplayers. Well-prepared preparation, the right choice of themes, and attention to the technical details of the costume will further strengthen the character that you imitate. Meanwhile, check out more information about Youmacon Event as well.

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Plan carefully

Being a cosplayer must have a long preparation. You need to take the time to think about everything. Three to six months is enough time to plan a good cosplay appearance. All depends on the complexity of the character you are going to play.

If you decide to rent the costume you want, make sure the costume fits on your body. Additional accessories must also be considered. All for the complete completeness of the costume. But if you intend to make your own costume, the time you prepare must be more mature, huh!

Prepare an affordable budget

If you choose to rent or make costumes, you have to prepare a budget. How much budget do you have to prepare? Well, the answer is relative. It all depends on how complicated the costume is and how many accessories you use. The cost of a cosplay costume can be quite expensive. However, it is possible that the costs are cheaper or even more expensive, all depending on the type of costume you are planning. One thing you need to do: don’t let the budget out of your capacity, yes!

Choose the character you like

Choosing characters is the main thing you have to do. Well, it doesn’t have to be famous, you just need to determine which character you want to play the most. Choosing characters you know well will make things easier. For example, in costume preparation; You will be happy to spend a long time fixing your costume. In addition, if you already know a lot about the character, playing the character will be even more fun, right?

Pay attention to details

As a cosplayer, carefulness in paying attention to details shows your level of seriousness. The bottom line: the more detail, the better!

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