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Let’s Guess Women’s Personality Based on The Bag She Used

Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / November 30, 2017

For a woman, a bag is something that must be owned. Not just being a place for storing daily items, but also is a fashion. For that reason, women will not buy a bag carelessly, it will consider various things, ranging from the shape, size, color, and price. Nowadays, there are so many online shops that provide bags with various options, it makes women more confused. Because there are so many things that can’t suit them. So one of the options is Blaxton Bags. It is an online shop that provides so many kinds of bags with different colors, sizes, and shapes that make you feel happy.

From the many shapes and colors of the bags, which one suits you, ladies?

1. Backpack, the woman who likes to use backpack are usually often to try new things, friendly, smart and open-minded. But, they also considered setting something.

2. Sling bag, women who often use sling bag usually have masculine and feminine sides are balanced in her. She doesn’t care about outside appearance, for her comfort is the most important thing. But, doesn’t mean, she doesn’t care about fashion, for her the color, and size still is a consideration, although not too big.

3. Shoulder bag, women with this bag usually has a graceful and patient personality. But they often look at someone only from the physical appearance only. The reason for any women who use this bag is this bag can contain many items.

4. Bags with neutral colors, women who often use a bag with the neutral color such as black, brown, and white usually have an elegant, quiet, soft-hearted personality and don’t like violence. They also like stability and dislike challenges.

5. Bags with bright colors, lately bags with bright colors became the choice of many women. The women who wear brightly colored bags usually like new challenges, cheerful and fun, good friends type and sometimes like to give in.

So which one of the bags do you often to use? Actually, any bag that you like to use is not a problem, the most important thing is you know where to buy the bag to get a good quality bag and you can use in the long term. At Blaxton Bags, you can get everything, bags with good quality, affordable prices and shapes and colors to your taste.

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