Make Sure Your Internet Is Safe

The internet makes it easy to find information, but don’t be careless to spread your information for free. This can make it easier for irresponsible people, so write as short as possible. use your personal data for crime mode. If you want to write a contact person, just give a short data. For example for Facebook self data, do not mention your home address, personal telephone number or personal photo. This can lead to internet crime. You can access the internet by using etechno teknologi helt enkelt.

The most important thing when using the internet is the password as a lock of all your digital equipment. Use a combination of strong passwords so it is not easily detected by hackers. Do not use public passwords, such as birth dates or last names, because if personal information has been spread then it is easily detected. For example, use a combination of passwords using pet names, parents’ names or other things where you only know. Then combine passwords using numbers, upper and lower case letters. At the very least, use a maximum of ten or twelve digit passwords. In addition, you also have to change your password regularly to avoid password theft, at least once a month.

Tips for using the internet safely and comfortably are always logged out after finishing using social media, email or personal activities using the internet. These tips will prevent you from ignorant people. Logout or sign out must always be done for data security. Logout is not only done when using a shared computer, such as an internet cafe, but you must log out when using a personal computer. An example of a negative thing that might make you uncomfortable is when someone else borrows a computer and opens a browser, then finds social media or your email opens. It is possible for other people to find important things on your social media.

Use two-factor authentication if possible. This security system has been used by almost all internet-based services that are very sensitive, especially in the world of online banking. Two-factor authentication is how to use the internet safely, especially for your personal account. When two-factor authentication is activated, you will be asked to enter a backup code or security code that will be sent via SMS, including preventing from unrecognized devices.

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