Microsoft Is Developing A New Programming Language That Is Inspired By Excel

Microsoft Is Developing A New Programming Language That Is Inspired By Excel

Microsoft launched a new multipurpose low-code programming language, which is based on Microsoft Excel. The programming code by Microsoft is named PowerFx. Because it is used for low-code, or simple processing, this language is designed to be concise and simple to make it easier for programmers to use. PowerFx is a general-purpose, declarative, and functional programming language. Microsoft says that this low-code programming language will be a logical expression across the Microsoft PowerApps platform, especially when it is available in the Canvas application. Besides that, if this news of Microsoft’s new programming language development makes you want to buy their stock index in NASDAQ100, then we highly recommend you visit and find brokers who help traders buy and sell NAS100 index.

Greg Lindhorst, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft, stated that It is the same language that is the core of the current Microsoft PowerApps Canvas application and is inspired by Microsoft Excel.

Canvas allows users to design and build business applications, without the need to write code in traditional programming languages ​​such as C Sharp (C #). Because the PowerFx language is inspired by Microsoft Excel, Power Platform Solution Architect Rory Neary said that the PowerFx programming language is quite easy to understand. This is because PowerFx works similarly to Microsoft Excel. Neary thinks that when you enter a formula into Excel, the result of that formula will be immediately presented to you .. Likewise when a user makes an error or error. With PowerFX, developers or application creators can immediately see where the error is in the written formula. Neary also thinks that It is very helpful because you will not add other mistakes in the product you are making.

So far, PowerFx is only available in the Microsoft PowerApps Canvas app. However, in the future, Microsoft will make PowerFx an open-source programming language and available on GitHub. Under the open-source license, everyone can use this programming language and participate in developing it. But for now, PowerFx is not yet available in the GitHub repository, as it is still in the extraction process from the PowerApps documentation.

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