Never Tired To Believe In God

As humans, sometimes we feel tired to wait for all the prayers we send to God to be granted. We are sometimes lazy to understand that everything that happens to us is God’s plan that we should live. As humans, we also often feel that all our prayers we pray to God have never materialized. All these reasons we shout just because God feels no, or only we are less sensitive. If you feel the presence of God, you will believe that god is real. He is happy to organize all your life. Indeed many of your plans do not seem to run well but believe the plan that He gave, more than just beautiful if you want to be patient.

If all your prayers and plans have not gone well and have not been granted, there are some things you should know about how God orchestrated your life

– There Is a Pause For We Continue to Pray
God may grant our prayers immediately, but He is very romantic, He allows us to have a waiting time for us to understand what it feels like to wait for something exciting. Your prayers do not come true not because God doesn’t love you. He just let you pray more. There are three reasons why God doesn’t immediately answer your prayers. First, He instantly manifests all the prayers you have. Second, He keeps all your prayers and will grant them at the right time. Third, He did not answer your prayer but replaced it with a better one. You just need to be patient waiting for him.

– God Never Leaves Us Alone
If we are always close to God and want to approach him by walking alone, then God will approach us by running. Not a second God let us lose our navigation to live our lives. Sometimes, God’s protection can be incarnated in every prayer of your parents. In fact, God’s guidance can be tucked away from every pleasant chat between you and your friends. God is in every day of your life. So, never hesitate to come to Him under any circumstances.

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Viola J Wolfson