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Problems That May Occur When Installing Windows

By Viola J Wolfson / March 9, 2018

If you have the plan for replacement windows seattle, then you can continue reading this article. Window installation is one of home improvement projects. Unfortunately, sometimes it comes with problems after the installation, such as:

1. Hinges

Well, this can also be one of the troublesome culprits on your door, if the hinges are not able to lumber the door weight then what will happen is the door becomes more down and eventually become not fit anymore with the frame. You should choose a quality hinge. Especially if you use a large door and high. Then the weight will also be more, setting the hinge position is also important for example the distance from the floor 30 cm and the hinge above 50 cm.

2. Wood Type

As said before, the solid wood texture will be better for depreciation and expansion. So choose wood with quality qualified. such as teak, compass, camphor. and avoid wood that has less dense texture such as meranti wood, pine, and more. If you use a wood that is still wet or still young you should leave it alone or can be in the oven so that the results can be more leverage.

3. Secure distance (Space) between the frame and the door or window

Normal distance for door installation should be distinguished by position, door facing out or often exposed to sunlight should be distinguished by doors inside and not exposed to sunlight. You also need to consider whether the season is dry or rainy. Usually, the door inside the normal distance of approximately 4 mm, if outside the good distance 1 s.d 2 mm.

Knowing these potential issues will help you prepare anything, so you can ensure that the windows will work as it should be. So, when will you hire professional window replacement? He will help your replacement project without causing unwanted issues.

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