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Recognize the Causes of Back Pain

By Viola J Wolfson / October 9, 2017

Having back pain can make you have trouble moving. You also have to be extra careful when moving, standing, even in a sitting position. In other words, you will feel uncomfortable and awry. If you experience upper back pain, generally not only the back that feels pain. But also followed a sense of tension around the shoulders, neck to the head. When left unchecked, this pain may spread to other parts of the body. You can visit diet talk website and find articles that can help you recognize and solve your back pain problem.

The causes of upper back pain, including the shoulder and neck, are very diverse. Some of them are:

– Injury to soft tissue
The most common cause of upper back pain is a soft tissue injury that can occur in many situations, such as an accident or during heavy activity. Muscles, tendons, or ligaments may also be problematic. The problematic part can affect the nerve so that the shoulder or neck becomes sick.

– Tendonitis
This condition is also known as tendinitis. Characterized by excessive tension in the area of the tendon, the connector between the bones and muscles. This triggers the swelling that can cause pain.

– Broken collarbone
This condition is caused to fall on when the arms are outstretched. This can then trigger upper back pain. Generally, this kind of injury is experienced when falling from a vehicle like a bicycle.

– Excess weight
In people who have excess body weight, then the possibility of muscle burden will be greater. This can cause back and neck pain.

Upper back pain usually can be removed by taking painkillers, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. The traditional way can be, by attaching a package of ice cubes on the affected part to divert the pain. Furthermore, you can do breathing exercises as a stress reliever on your back, stretch your body before, on the sidelines and after work or activity, exercise regularly and regularly, and keep your posture and weight.

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