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Recognize Various Terms In Tinted Window, Before Using Matching To Protect The Car Glass

By Viola J Wolfson / January 29, 2018

Protecting a car means you have to protect every part of the car. one of the parts you have to protect well is glass. A well-protected car glass will make the quality of the glass good and not easy to crack. however, if your windshield has been damaged or cracked, you can fix it in Windshield Repair. You must have a nice car glass to find comfort and safety for yourself.

Tinted window is one tool that can be used to protect the glass of the car from various damages, such as cracks. There are various types of windshields selected. However, there are various terms on the windshield that you need to know, like

1. Darkness, this term is used to measure the level of darkness of tinted window. Typically, this measure is written in percentage form. The higher the percentage darkness of the tinted window, the less light will enter. However, for the front of the glass, you should select a window film of no darkness of more than 40 percent.

2. Total Solar Energy Rejected, this is the term used in the number of percentages of ultraviolet light that can be rejected by the tinted window. the higher the number on this term the better the quality of the tinted window.

3. Visible Light Transmittance, this term is used to measure the number of percentage of sunlight entering the car capital. The number used in this term is measured by the VLT number. The smaller the numbers are listed, the less light can enter.

4. Infra-Red Rejected, infrared rays are also present in sunlight radiated. For that, the window film also serves to ward off all infrared rays that can enter the car and endanger the driver.

All terms in the tinted window you must know to get a window film that has the best quality. You must find out all the things related to the tinted window you will choose for your car. Do not select tinted window based on color or anything that is not useful.

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