Recommended Cases for iPhone Users

Recommended Cases for iPhone Users

Confused about buying a case for the iPhone? We recommend that you choose one of our cases at our website, click here to see more. Not only cool, but the defense for your smartphone is also very maximum. This Defender Series is sold for iPhone 6 and later (Until iPhone X) also for iPad (2 and Pro). The Defender series is renowned for its comprehensive protection for your iPhone. The camera section is protected because there is a hollow between the casing and the camera. So, when it falls with the back of your phone hitting the ground, what comes into contact with it is the case, not your camera. This series appears in a variation of colors. Starting from the pastel to the bold. That said, this Defender series is one of our lines that has quite a lot of color variants.

Our Commuter series is a slightly cheaper series than the Defender series. Unlike the Commuter series which can also be used for the iPad. The design of the Commuter series is more aimed at young people, it’s no wonder that the colors presented are mostly pastel colors. The item is also quite thin, so it is easy to put even in a pocket. Our Commuter series has a dual-layer that can protect your smartphone. Where the inside feels softer and softer while the outside is quite sturdy. The combination of these two layers from us can make your iPhone more protected. You can click here and see our offer.

There are two types of Symmetry series that can be used for iPhone 6 to iPhone X, namely the regular Symmetry series and the Symmetry Etui series. Both of course have different prices. That said, the Symmetry series is a series that is quite easy to customize. Because some of them are hard cases with clear type. So, you can change the picture on the back of your case according to your mood. However, those of you who don’t like changing pictures of the case can also take advantage of a series that is not clear from Symmetry.

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