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Refresh Your Mind with Meditation!

Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / December 3, 2017

If our minds are divided into three parts, namely the past, the present, and the future, think, to which part do you often run off? Could be, you are thinking more about the past and the future, not the present. Too much thinking of these two terms can actually cause toxins in our bodies. To know more about meditation and its benefit, you can visit our website to get guided meditation CD’s.

Thinking about the past can lead to arrogance or disappointment. Arrogant because he felt rich first, or disappointed because it used to be fooled. In fact, if you boast or cry over the past, that period will not change. Thinking about the future can cause anxiety and fear. For example, worry about thinking about an unfinished project or thinking of an inexhaustible mate. And, if you think too much about the future, it is not necessarily the future that is created as you wish. As a result, in the present moment, you will be stressed out. If your mind and heart are strong, then stress, problems, regret, or other poisonous nature will pass by. Conversely, if your mind is weak, these problems and stress continue to languish in the body. Next, this problem will go into the subconscious, then run to the nerve function. This can lead to decreased organ function. Meaning, your metabolism is disturbed, various illnesses arise, and your beauty diminishes.

At such times that meditation plays an important role. Meditation is a mind exercise that can strengthen and flex the mind. Thus, all problems are not easy to shake the mind. In addition, meditation helps us to know who we are, and to concentrate more on the present. There are thousands of different meditation techniques with different uses, coming from different countries, and rooted in various cultures and religions.

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