Saving an iPhone That is Wet with water

Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / January 1, 2020

This article teaches how to dry or repair iPhone damaged by water. Although the methods below increase the possibility of the iPhone returning to normal functioning, there is no guarantee that the iPhone can be repaired due to waterlogging. If you need professional repair services, you can visit our website.

Lift the phone immediately out of the water. The longer your cell phone is submerged, the possibility of a short circuit is even higher. One second difference can determine the life on and off your cell phone. Turn off cellphone power. To do this, press and hold the Power button, then slide the switch at the top of the screen when prompted. The faster the cellphone is turned off, the more likely it can be repaired. If the phone screen is off, but you doubt whether the phone is still on, quickly press the Power button to see if your mobile screen is on. If yes, turn off your mobile power. If not, leave it alone.

Remove all the cases on the cellphone. If your iPhone is wrapped in an additional casing, water can be held in the gap. Remove the casing of your cellphone so that all the water in it can be dried. Remove the SIM card and drawer from the iPhone. Remove the SIM card drawer completely so that it can be dried. Use a dry cloth and easily absorb water to dry the cell phone. Wipe it all wet from the charging port, volume buttons, headphone jack, and other recesses.

Dry the ports with a toothpick and a dry cloth. Take a piece of cheesecloth, for example from an old T-shirt, and wrap it over the tip of a toothpick. After that, use these toothpicks to absorb excess water from the charging port and headphone jack. Place the iPhone in a warm and dry location.

Check the indicator for water damage. Each iPhone has a small indicator that helps technicians know that the cell phone has been damaged by water. This indicator is a piece of plastic that flushes when exposed to a lot of water. You can check this indicator yourself to see if the cell phone has been damaged. Use the flashlight to look inside the port. This indicator usually indicates that your cell phone cannot be repaired alone.

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