Shares on the Stock Exchange

Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / February 16, 2020

Generally, the term “stock” on a stock exchange represents a part of a company’s stock capital. So, shares are part of a company that is sold in the form of a piece of paper issued by a company that states the name listed on the paper is the owner of the company according to how many shares were bought. Regardless of whether or not many shares are bought by an investor, the investor automatically becomes a partner of the company. You can Saiba mais about investment on our website.

Each company partner has the right to benefit from the company in accordance with the number of shares. Therefore, the greater the investment in a company’s stock, the greater the profit gained. Even so, risks can also occur in stock investments. No wonder many people become millionaires through investing in the stock market and some are bankrupt.

The important thing to note is that before buying shares, you need to understand and understand the market situation, the country’s economy, company conditions, and other factors. Before you buy shares, you must ensure the company’s growth potential in the long run.

A broker is an intermediary who has permission and authority to buy and sell securities listed on the stock exchange. Stock investors need brokers to help the process of buying and selling shares on the stock exchange. For example, if you want to buy noodles, you can buy them at the nearest market or supermarket and you don’t need to go far to the noodle factory to buy them. Similarly, how to buy shares in a company. You can buy shares through a broker so you don’t have to go to the company.

Currently, there are two ways you can buy shares:

Through a broker. As explained earlier that you can contact your broker by telephone.

Buy stocks directly through online trading. Brokers generally provide online facilities so that investors can directly enter buy and sell orders. This facility is in the form of software that must be installed first in your gadgets, such as a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

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