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Simple ways of chasing the flies away from your house

By Viola J Wolfson / November 1, 2018

Anyone know mosquito rackets? Yes, the racket that is usually used to eradicate mosquitoes. This mosquito racket is a racket containing voltage. Besides this racket is usually to repel mosquitoes, this racket can also be used to repel flies that are inside our homes. The same way we do to repel mosquitoes normally. On the other hand, you can also go to trappedia.com and find more tips to get rid of other pests from your house.

Using lavender flowers

This method is almost the same as one of the above methods that use pandan leaves. Lavender flowers have a very fragrant aroma. Flies are very disliked with a very strong smell, one of them is Lavender flower.

The method is enough to plant Lavender flowers in the house. Besides being used to repel flies, it also functions as a room deodorizer. In addition, lavender flowers can decorate your room to make it look more beautiful.

With Lemon Fruit

Lemon juice can also repel flies. How to get a lemon, then pat it next to the food or place where flies often come. Can also be made to mix dishwashing soap. So that when exposed to lemon juice, flies are also reluctant to perch.

With Kitchen Salt

Salt is one that is used in food recipes. Of course, it is no stranger to all of us and it’s easy to find it. The method is very easy. Take salt and sprinkle salt into the corner of the place that flies often visit. For example, sprinkle on a kitchen cabinet. Not only have flies driven away, but ants will also be evicted.

By Throwing Trash Routinely

This one way is a very mandatory way for all of us. Because it’s not just to drive away flies, it also makes health hygiene inside our homes. Regular waste disposal is the key to cleanliness in the house. By throwing garbage regularly, the house will avoid the name of a fly. Because a place like garbage is a favorite place for the fly.

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