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Some Ideas For Decorating Basements

Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / April 9, 2019

Some houses are designed to have basements in their homes. However, some basements are only functioned as warehouses or just leave it dirty. If your have this kind of experiences, it’s good to think again about decorating the basement to make it more attractive and useful. Here are some ideas for finished basement that you can use to change your old basement.

1. Private room

First idea is making your basement as private room. So, you can use the basement as your personal place. You can choose a basement which is located below the main building. So, you can have a quiet private room there. You can add some simple furnitures and also some facilities to support your personal room. You have to change the colour of the wall too to make it brighter than before. Using the white color will help you a lot.

2. Playroom

The next idea you can use in the basement is the playroom. This kind of place is good for children to make them stay in home rather than playing outside. You can add some game facilities such as puzzle, flash cards, dolls, and etc. You can add some unique decorations such as alphabet carpet, colorful wallpaper, and so on. By the facilities that you have been provided, your child will be very happy to play in the house, even for a long time.

3. Laundry room

The last idea is making the basement as laundry room. To make a laundry room, you have to prepare some items such as a washing machine and electricity to make the washing machine works. You can add some furnitures like cupboard to put the clean clothes.

Thus are some ideas to change the old basement into the modern one. You can also make your basement as your private places to read some books or do some homeworks from school. With the quiet atmosphere, you will be able to concentrate more. That’s why you are so lucky to have at least one basement in your home. Good luck!

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