Some Signs of Drug Users

Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / July 3, 2019

Age development makes people freer. If we are not careful about getting along with other people, we might be trapped in an unhealthy and dangerous relationship to the body and mind such as the abuse of drugs. If you want to avoid the environment of drug addicts, how do you know the characteristics of drug users? Before that, if you or someone closest to you has a problem with drug addiction, you can visit the drug abuse treatment center.

Here are some of the characteristics of drug users or drug addicts that can make us more careful when associating with them or avoiding them.

1. Addicts often experience mood swings
Health experts say that the characteristics of drug users that are most easily known are their moods that are very volatile. It could be that at one time, he felt very happy but in an instant, his emotions turned very bad. Mood changes are influenced by the effects of drugs in the body.

2. Depression and euphoria
Those who have just used drugs may experience euphoria, an excessive sensation of happiness for things that are normal or unreasonable. In addition, there are also characteristics of drug users who tend to experience depression as an effect of drug use and only feel happy after using these drugs. In addition, many drug users experience excessive anxiety if they have not taken this medicine.

3. Changes in appearance
Quite a number of drug addicts are experiencing physical changes, the characteristics of drug users usually look thin, difficult to focus on, the nose feels constantly itching, the face that looks thin, eyes that are too dry or red, dilated pupils, tooth decay, weight loss significant, pale skin, hair loss, and the presence of wounds that will not heal. While for marijuana users, some can even become fatter.

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