Steps To Wash The Right Car Car Wash Business

Steps To Wash The Right Car Car Wash Business

Washing a car is a very easy thing and the time it takes is shorter than washing a motorbike because the surface area to be washed is simpler, in contrast to a motorbike that has a lot of curves so that it requires a level of precision and patience so that the motorbike it is washing is clean useful link.

So for those of you who might want to open a car wash service business but don’t understand how to wash a car properly and correctly, the article below from Royal1 Mobile Auto Detailing Los Angeles is perfect for you to read so you don’t have to be awkward anymore. later when washing customers’ cars.

The first thing you need to do before washing the car is to clean the interior of the car first using a vacuum cleaner or half-wet chamois to wipe the dashboard or other parts that are stuck with dust. After the interior is finished, the next step is to clean the dust on the body of the car using a duster which is usually made of fine chicken feathers.

This aims to reduce dust or sand stuck to the body so that later when scrubbing does not scratch the car paint After the car body is cleaned using a duster, the next step is to flush the entire car body using just enough clean water until the entire car body is correct. wet with water.

You can use a steam sprayer or by using a regular hose, and the best advice is to use a steam tool because it has adjustable pressure to shed the remaining sand that the duster did not remove. The advantages of this steam tool are that the water spray pressure can be adjusted, when spraying the body you can use low pressure, and to spray the under the tire you can use high pressure so that the sand in the tire liner falls out immediately.

After all, parts are wetted by water, the next step is to immediately wash the car body parts, the order is up to you, it can be started from the front first, from the side, from the back, or starting from the top-down and vice versa, which is clear that the entire surface of the car body is washed without none of them have been missed. After all the bodies are washed, you can continue to wash the parts under the wheels and wheels of the car using different equipment from the equipment used to wash the body such as a bucket + soap water, a sponge/washcloth, and so on.

So here you have to prepare two buckets of special washing soap/shampoo and different washing equipment to avoid damage caused by using the same washing tool for the body and the wheels / under the wheels and wheels. For how to scrub it, do it slowly and don’t press it too much to avoid scratches or the color of the car paint will fade quickly. After the car is washed evenly, the next step is to water the entire surface that was washed using clean water until it is completely clean from car wash soap.

After watering it with clean water, the next step is to dry the car body and other surfaces that have been washed using a chamois or other wiping cloth that does not damage the paint, you can use a microfiber cloth if needed. Do this drying in detail and do not leave any droplets of water left behind because next time it will create scale and is very difficult to clean. Especially in the area near the headlights/taillights, in the car door handle, in the car rearview mirror, in the rear spoiler, and so on, please look for where the water usually drips after washing and then wipe it down.

After the wiping stage above is complete, you can start doing the detailing stage such as adding WAX to the car body paint, polishing car tires, adding a dash of gloss, and so on until it’s finished. And finally don’t forget to install floor mats or footwear made of thick paper, which is usually used as a footing, but this paper contains writing about your car wash business as a promotion event.

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