The Causes of Small Breasts

By Viola J Wolfson / March 9, 2018

Small breasts become a “problem” for some women. Small breast size makes the confidence to be reduced. For a woman who has married, small breasts can be a barrier to the pleasure of sexual intercourse. The husband becomes unsatisfied and indulges with foreplay in the breast. The small breasts also can not be a mainstay to stimulate and enhance the husband’s sexual arousal. If you do not like breast enlargement surgery, you can visit our website and find out about GCN review of Breast Actives.

All the conditions that occur in this world there must be a cause. So even with small breasts. Small breasts can be caused by genetic factors to an unhealthy lifestyle. As a woman, are you among those who have small breasts? Want to know what causes small breasts? The following discussion will explain the causes of small breasts and how to overcome them.

1. Genetic Factors
The cause of the first small breasts is a genetic factor. Genetic factors are also called hereditary factors or congenital factors. Women who have a family history who have small breasts usually will also have small breasts.

2. Hormone Deficiency During Growth Period
The cause of the next small breast is a hormone deficiency. This factor must be considered by women, especially those who are still teenagers. Mothers should also pay attention to their daughters because hormone deficiency at the age of puberty can cause the breast to become small.

3. The Influence of Unhealthy Diet Program
The cause of small breasts can come from an unhealthy diet program. Preferably choose a healthy diet method. In addition, you should still pay attention to the fulfillment of complete food nutrition for the body.

4. Hormone Imbalance
It turned out that not only the lack of hormones that make women have small breasts. The hormonal imbalance was turned out to be one cause of small breasts.

5. Lack of Fat
Fat levels become the cause of the next distended stomach. Breasts are composed of fat tissue piles. That is why the lack of fat content can cause breast size to be small.

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