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The Dangers Of Diabetes That Everyone Can Have

Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / October 20, 2019

The many types of junk food make someone not pay attention to their lifestyle. This is a big mistake that can harm someone for life. Many diseases are caused by instant food and one of them is diabetes mellitus. Yes, this is the most common disease in developed countries. Therefore, you must prepare yourself and make an urgent prayer request so that you avoid deadly diseases home page.

If not treated properly, diabetes mellitus can result in a variety of deadly complications. Acute complications consist of hypoglycemia (blood sugar levels less than 60 mg/dl), coma lactic acidosis, coma ketoacidosis, and hypermetabolic hyperglycemic coma. Also in patients with diabetes mellitus decreased endurance, making it more susceptible to infection. Diabetes mellitus therapy rests on four pillars, namely education, nutrition, physical exercise, and medicine. Education about diseases, ways of treatment and monitoring of important diseases is given to patients, given the long-term or even lifetime therapy for diabetes mellitus. Satiation is often the cause of therapy failure. This is usually due to the lack of a good understanding of the patient about the disease.

Wrong perceptions – such as worrying about ‘drug dependency’ – are also often expressed by patients. In fact, in this case, the patient does not experience a ‘drug dependency’ as drug dependency but rather needs a drug as humans need to breathe every day. Nutrition therapy is also an inseparable part of total management. The notion of diabetes mellitus only attacks people who like to eat fast food is not entirely true. Excess carbohydrates in the food that make a person at risk of diabetes mellitus. Therefore, people need to eat foods in the number of calories that suits the body’s needs, and there is a balance between carbohydrates, protein, and fat.

The recommended physical exercise is aerobic, such as walking, relaxing cycling, swimming, and jogging. This sport must be done regularly. This type of physical exercise will help insulin work, control blood sugar and fat levels, and reduce the risk of heart disease. The latest recommendation is that physical exercise is performed at least 150 minutes per week, at least three days per week, and not more than two days in a row.

At present, there are also various medicines available for diabetes mellitus and insulin. The doctor will determine the type, combination, and dosage of the drug or insulin in accordance with the individual patient’s condition. If complications or infections have occurred, other drugs are given according to the indication of the disease in question.

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