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The Dangers of Narcotics Against Yourself, Family, and Social Life

Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / December 12, 2018

Drug abuse, psikitropika, and other substances (drugs) can cause various kinds of hazards or losses to themselves, to family, and social life. Meanwhile, learn more about a trusted drugs addict rehab center near your area, if you want to find a good place for you or your beloved one to get cured of drugs addiction.

Dangers posed to:

Himself, among others:

Being moody, lazy, angry and fighting or not afraid.

Being ignorant of himself, lazy to learn, lazy to go to school, not paying attention to the cleanliness of his own body, not paying attention to clothes, beds, houses and so on.

Don’t have the enthusiasm to study, work down, and can behave like crazy.

Do not have shame to have sex freely, and sometimes rape.

Do not hesitate to torture themselves because of pain due to drug dependence.

Love to live alone, stay away from family and stay away from friends who don’t agree.

The family includes:

For the need to buy drugs to take or steal family money, or if there is no money to take goods that are in the house that can be sold.

Have no manners towards the family, even dare to fight parents.

Do not respect the property in the family home.
Defame the family.

Against social personality:

Doing obscene acts (committing lewd acts).

If you don’t have the money to buy drugs, you are not reluctant to hesitate to commit theft, robbery or mugging.

Often doing acts that violate public order.
Committed a crime.

As a result of the use of drugs, it becomes very aggressive, irritable and irritable. As a result, if there is a dispute or disagreement with other people and finally spark a fight.

Drug abuse affects motor riders because they are physically and mentally weakened, the concentration of lack of control is even lost in carrying out all activities driving or driving as a result of traffic accidents.

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