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The effective tricks for dealing with a broken key

Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / January 29, 2019

One way to remove a key that cannot be pulled because it is broken is to destroy the key. This method will only work if what we are dealing with is a cheap key. Use a large hammer because a hard hit will be able to unlock the middle in a closed condition. There is no harm in trying this method even if it does not apply to all types of keys. In addition, if we force to destroy the key that is on the wooden door, it is likely that we will destroy the door first before the key opens. Another tool that can be used is an electric drill. The drill can fit right into the center of the key. This method must be done carefully because if not, then the key will not be open again. Aside from that, you may want to call the best lock change if you don’t want to waste your time for opening your locked door.

An electric saw can also be used because it will split the key. This object is fairly effective, just remember to use eye protection when cutting the key body. We can also use bolt cutters. This tool is used in hooks. If the key is connected to a cable, cut the cable and not the key. Cut the hook if we want to try to split the key. This will often not be done on keys with hard iron material. Solutions for broken car keys can also use pliers. Pliers will function if the gap in the keyhole is large enough so that this object can be inserted. For larger locks, the car jack might be used.

The most important thing in how to unlock this broken key is not to use a rifle. Even though we might be able to open the lock using a high-powered rifle, we might be exposed to some parts of the iron that were thrown. This has also been proven by Mythbusters, where they use various types of rifles, ranging in size from 9 mm caliber, 357 magnum, M1 Garand to shotgun. Everything doesn’t work at all. In addition, we or the people around us can actually get the fatal consequences of the pieces of iron thrown and the reflection of the bullets themselves.

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