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The Importance Of Lighting At Building

Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / June 30, 2019

Good lighting is lighting that allows workers to see work carefully, quickly and without unnecessary effort.
Adequate and well-regulated lighting will also help create a safe and comfortable work environment.
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Why is good lighting at work very important?
The majority of workers claim that poor lighting in the workplace results in tired eyes, fatigue, headaches, stress, and workplace accidents.
On the other hand, excessive lighting also affects workers’ safety and health such as glare, headaches and stress.
Various studies have shown that good lighting in the workplace can have an impact on improving productivity, work efficiency, and reducing work errors.
This is what makes good lighting in the workplace very important for management.
You need to understand, in repairing lighting in the workplace does not mean you have to install a lot of lights in each work room because it is not necessarily effective.
Most industries or factories combine natural and artificial lighting to create better lighting.
Unfortunately, there are still many management who do not pay attention to that each type of work or area of activity requires different levels of lighting.

What factors influence lighting in the workplace?
Factors that can affect lighting in the workplace include:
• The size of a room – a spacious room will be more efficient in the use of light than a narrow space.
• Contrast – the difference between the brightness of the object we see with the brightness of the surrounding surface.
The greater the contrast, the easier it is for us to see or recognize the object. In rooms with low lighting levels, the contrast decreases too.
• Luminence (luminance) – the intensity of the light emitted, reflected, and passed on by a unit of illuminated field.
Luminence that is too large will cause glare in the eyes.

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