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The Purpose of the Body to Inflammation

Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / February 3, 2020

Inflammation is a reaction of the body’s natural immune system to fight disease. This process is a biological response to danger signals that approach the body. Without an inflammatory process, the possibility of infection and injury to heal becomes very small. You can get more information about this on our website.

Inflammation occurs when body tissue is injured, is infected with bacteria, is exposed to toxins, or is hot. Damaged cells release chemicals called histamine, prostaglandins, and bradykinin. Its function is that the blood vessels dilate so that more blood and white blood cells flow into the area. As a result, the area that is inflamed appears swollen and warm. This process also aims to isolate foreign substances from infecting other body tissues.

Despite having good intentions and functions for the body, the inflammatory process is also sometimes detrimental. In certain diseases, the immune system actually fights healthy cells. Inflammation is also possible even though there are no foreign objects to fight. This results in damage to normal tissue.

We already know that the inflammatory process is needed by the body to fight infection and the wound healing process. However, keep in mind that chronic (long-term) inflammation can cause several conditions or diseases that actually harm the body, such as arthritis due to rheumatoid arthritis or cancer.

Therefore, it is sometimes important to reduce inflammation. One of them is with anti-inflammatory drugs such as hemp oil. Anti-inflammatory drugs should be obtained by prescription from a doctor, so the dosage and use are right.

When you use hemp oil, you need to do these steps:
Initially, a few drops of oil are poured on one palm, then rubbed on both palms, and applied to the face in accordance with the movement of washing your face. After that, place a warm towel on the face while pressing and giving a small massage to some parts of the face. After being pressed, you can wipe all parts of your face using a towel.

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