The Right Application For Screws And Nails

When and where is the right time to use nails or screws? Both types of binders have almost the same function as their respective advantages in the process of making wood furniture. Practically, most of us have understood and can quickly determine the use of nails or Superior Ball Screw Repair. Even when people’s ball screws are damaged, they also already understood that they should bring their screws to the best ball screw repair company instead of throwing them away.


You need to know the clear applications for these two materials, and here is the information for you:


The shape of the threads on the stem serves to form stronger bonds to your wood. In order to get the best results, the parent wood needs to be drilled to make a hole with the same size as the screw core while additional wood needs to be drilled to make a hole too with the size which is according to the outer screw’s diameter.

With this thread, the application of screws takes longer than nails. that must be considered in the application of the screw is a screw head screwdriver hole. The head of the screw must remain intact and good so that it can be used when opening or closing the screw again.


There are only strokes on the nail neck and nail head cross-section. Scars on the nail head function so that the hammer does not slip when inserting nails and strokes on the neck of the nail serves to increase the bonding force of the nail into the wood after the entire nail body is immersed.

Nail application is much faster than screws with lower binding capacity. And with today’s hand aids, in seconds we can sink several nails at once. No pre-drilling holes need to be made because nails are easier to sink. Lack of nails is in the binding capacity of the wood. When wood shrinkage occurs, the bond between nails and wood is reduced.

For the type of work that requires speed and the job will not change, nails are the most appropriate binding tool, or as a temporary binder, nails work very well and practically.

If you need a construction that requires better binding capacity, then screws are a better choice than nails with longer time consequences.

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