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The right time to protect your works

Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / November 21, 2017

Hiring a patent lawyer can be necessary, especially if you’re in the middle of working a great project when there’s a lot of money involved. We suggest you know the right time or scenario when you need to work with the finest Patent Attorney in or near your area.

You market a new, exciting business, product or business

Okay, maybe if the business is interesting or not, it’s a matter of taste. To be sure, every business will want to market its business activities or products in the most interesting way possible, including one of the most common ways of creating unique and interesting promotional materials as many potential customers as possible.

As long as you do not pick up any promotional material belonging to your rival company and reproduce the material by simply changing the company name and logo to your name and logo, it is alleged that you are using the original promotional materials you own. By itself, these promotional materials have become your own or your company’s intellectual property that may somehow have value to the company you need to protect and manage well. Not only promotional materials, but your company’s intellectual property also includes forms of forms, slips, standard letters, and other documents that you use internally, which, although it looks simple and sneaky, but certainly time-consuming, good manpower also in the design and manufacture.

You are developing many existing systems or tools

For those of you who will start a business – in any field – of course, there are many systems, methods and production tools available out there for you to buy and use as capital goods. Screen printing tool for t-shirt/distro; computer graphics and printing tools for designers; heavy equipment for contractors; and so forth. But basically, humans who are never satisfied, there are always less than all kinds of tools and systems that have been available earlier. Perhaps it is because what is available is not 100% in accordance with existing needs, but often also because of new ideas to optimize the existing capacity.

It could be repair or development that you do it can actually be an intellectual property rights asset that adds value to the business. That’s the very nature of patent protection, is not it? Protect technological inventions that provide solutions to technical problems encountered in previous technologies. I once got a client a manufacturing company that wanted to patent the system and the additional tools they created to optimize a production tool they already had, and they managed to get a patent for that development.

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