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The top 3 kinds of wood for the furniture industry

By Viola J Wolfson / April 11, 2018

Of the various types of hardwood in Asia are commonly used to make furniture, or commonly used by carpenters to make a variety of products commonly found in 5 types of wood for furniture the most frequently used. 3 types of wood are in use not only because of the level of hardness or ease of processing but also because of the aesthetics of the results so unsightly wood. Aside from that, perhaps you need to check out best benchtop jointer review, so you know about a good tool for making your wood surface becomes smooth.

What Are The Best Wood Types For Such Furniture, Let’s See.

1. Teak Wood

Teak is a type of wood that is known as the best material for making furniture. Because of its reputation, the demand for teak wood for furniture has never declined in the slightest, both in Asia and in the world. Beyond its loud and durable wooden character, teak wood also makes the furniture so elegant and elegant impression due to its attractive fiber and grain patterns.

2. Mahogany Wood

The type of wood for the best handicraft for the next furniture is Mahogany. Mahogany wood is in addition to having good quality, the price is also cheaper when compared with teak wood. This wood is an alternative choice of furniture craftsmen or furniture if you want to create quality products at affordable prices. In addition to being furniture, mahogany wood is also famous as a wood that is used to make the body of the guitar, where large manufacturers such as Gibson many use mahogany in the product.

3. Sonokeling wood

Sonokeling wood is also in use because of its unique character. This sonokeling wood has a very natural dark color and also a very hard wood character. Furniture made using this sonokeling wood will usually look very elegant, because, like teak wood, this wood has a pattern of fiber and grains are interesting.

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