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There Are Several Definitions Of Service Quality That You Must Know

Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / December 13, 2019

Quality of service is an outcome that must be achieved and carried out by action. But these actions are intangible and easily disappear, but can be felt and remembered. The impact is consumers can be more active in the process of consuming a company’s products and services. In addition, service quality is a dynamic condition that is closely related to products, services, human resources, and processes and the environment that can at least meet or even exceed the quality of service expected. In the meantime, you may also go to https://wiki.link/comper.no if you need to compare the quality and price of various services.

The definition of service quality is an effort to meet the needs coupled with the desires of consumers and the accuracy of their delivery methods in order to meet the expectations and satisfaction of these customers. In good service quality, there are several types of service criteria, including the following:

Timeliness of service, including the time to wait during the transaction or payment process.

Service accuracy, which is to minimize errors in services and transactions.

Courtesy and friendliness when providing services.

Ease of getting services, such as the availability of human resources to help serve consumers, as well as supporting facilities such as computers to find the availability of a product.

Consumer convenience, that is, such as location, parking lot, comfortable waiting room, cleanliness aspect, availability of information, and so on.

In addition, service quality is also an expected level of excellence, and related to that is control measures over the level of excellence to meet consumer expectations. Experts see that service quality is not seen from the perspective of the producer but from the perception of the person receiving the service. This is because consumers who feel and consume the services provided, so consumers can assess and determine the quality of service. Thus the quality of good and bad service depends on the consistency of the ability of producers to meet the expectations of their consumers.

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