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These are the three things that lawyers usually consider in choosing clients

Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / November 18, 2018

When dealing with legal problems, usually many people choose to use the services of lawyers so that all the processes can be carried out properly. Especially in the military field where there are many ethical codes that must be implemented. When you don’t want to lose your military career because of one mistake, the services of the court martial lawyers will really help you in undergoing the legal process.

However, it should also be noted that lawyers will usually choose who will be their clients. They also will not choose carelessly because it will affect their position to win the case. There are a number of things that lawyers usually pay attention to when choosing clients.

– Adjust to their skills
Although it is forbidden to refuse to handle a case from a client, but under certain conditions lawyers are allowed to reject cases or provide legal liability to their prospective clients. Usually, a lawyer does not handle all types of cases. As it is known that there is a scope of practice from a lawyer that usually consists of litigation and non-litigation. In addition, usually every lawyer will adjust their skills to certain cases brought by their prospective clients.

– Get approval from the law firm
In general, each legal entity consists of several partners, senior associates, or junior associates. In accepting and rejecting their prospective clients, usually lawyers also need approval from the law firm from where they work. Every lawyer who is usually going to negotiate with their law firm at the same time to discuss how the case is handled by the client. this is because the legal services provided by lawyers concern professional accountability which must be measured appropriately.

– Does not make fees as a measure
Every lawyer usually has his own criteria when determining the amount of honorarium that must be paid by the client. This also makes lawyers not allowed to reject cases brought by clients because of the amount of fees deemed unsuitable.

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