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These Are Things You Must Know Before You Start A Concrete Casting Process

Before starting the concrete cast work, of course, it must begin with a proper structural design and concept, both in determining the concrete dimensions, material engineering, and careful field schedules. It’s because if the calculation of the structure is wrong, even if done in the field, it is good and optimal, certainly not getting good results. Meanwhile, you may want to call the best Special Inspections in Redlands CA if you want to know the true strength and durability of your concrete works.

Use concrete materials that are in accordance with standard calculations, according to those listed in the design calculation and in accordance with predetermined standards. For example, if we are going to make a reinforced concrete structure, we should use concrete with a quality of 350 K. And if we force it to use a quality K250 concrete cast, of course, the results will most likely not be good and do not meet the safety standards of a structure.

Prepare the formwork correctly, neatly and make sure each element is supported by a strong stager. This is of course to avoid various things such as leaks, so that the results are neat (if the results are neat, of course, finishing work is also more efficient), efficient materials (if the formwork line is correct and in accordance with structural calculations) and to avoid more severe things such as collapsing. Means of formwork such as boards or plywood must be in good condition and clean before use. Many cases that people use used formwork, this is fine as long as the shape of the board has not changed (curved), cracks, leaks, weathered. And if you are sure the shape of the formwork board is still good and worthy of being used again, then the surface must also be cleaned first from the remnants of cast cement attached to the previous cast work.

The thing that is often violated is the time of dismantling formwork. This form of demolition work is not too fast before the concrete is completely dry and able to withstand its own load. For safety, drying time is at least 30 days starting from the time of casting work.

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