These Are Tips To Clean Various Types Of Tiles

Each stone tile intended for the floor usually has a better finishing before leaving the factory. But there are also those that are left raw so that if there is dirt or stains on the stone it will be easy to stick to and difficult to clean If you are pairing raw stones, you will need to polish them with sealants or with lacquer stones, while natural stones of terracotta type and slate should be polished using linseed oil. If the stone is protected by lacquer or linseed oil, then clean it with a mild detergent mixed with water. Periodically, stone tiles must be re-polished to last longer and last longer. Meanwhile, you may want to hire the best Tile Cleaning North Shore if you’re looking for the best tile cleaners that can clean your tiles effectively.

If the acidic liquid spills, it must be rinsed immediately with water and dried with a cloth so as not to damage the layer of stone varnish.

The reunited rock fragments must be coated by a stain resistant sealant then in lacquer with water-based lacquer. Re-polishing is done every two years.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles can be cleaned with detergent and ordinary water solution also does not require a sealant. When cleaning, ceramic tiles are moistened using an all-purpose cleaner, then dry with a soft cloth to avoid scratches.

Do not use cleaners made from raw materials that can scratch and damage the surface of the ceramic.

Tiles made of limestone and slate

The tiles of this type of stone must always be cleaned with clear water. Combine all-purpose cleaner with warm water, before the tiles on the cloth, make sure the cloth has been squeezed so there are no droplets. When the cloth is softly applied, do it with pressure so that the dirt is lifted, using a rough washcloth because it will make a scratch.

Always clean and dry water spills on this type of floor tile to prevent staining.

Eliminate stubborn stains with alcohol, but must always try it first at a certain point, for example in the corner of the room or in hidden places.

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