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Things You Must Check Before You Buy A Used Home

Having a used house is a choice for many people. One of the main reasons is its strategic location. Although you buy a used home, the legality and documentation must be your attention. You can find out my conveyancing specialist. Having conveyancer works with you means you can understand the whole home purchase procedure. You can get a home without any chance of facing legal problems. Before you buy a used house, it should be noted also the condition of the house.

1. Condition of the building

Invite people who understand buildings such as artisans or contractors. Check the foundation, structure, floor, and roof. Are there cracks, watermarks on the horizontal wall, and are there signs of termite attacks. You check the floor if there is bloat, also the roof, and the wall, is there any trace of water? Close all taps, but open the main tap or turn on the water pump, then look for a wet wall or floor. If there is a wet wall, it can be a costly renovation.

2. Building Plan

Ask for the last house plan if the owner owns it. It is not less important to check all the rooms in the plan, whether they match the number and size or if there is a room missing. This is useful for furniture placement and other room arrangements.

3. Age of Buildings and Facilities

Ask the age of the building, when was the last renovation, what was renovated and why was it renovated? You must check the intensity of light in each room, if there is less light, the room will be damp. You also may not forget to check water sources.

4. Environmental Conditions

You should find out who are the neighbors around the house, how long have they been living there. Have there been floods or frequent flooding in the area? How is security access to the house? This can be a clue about the convenience of living in that environment.

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