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This Is How Girls Choose Hats According To The Shapes Of Their Faces

Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / January 23, 2020

Traveling requires everyone to sunbathe under the sun. Hats and head accessories are needed for girls to protect their heads from being exposed to heat. In addition, a hat can also be a traveler’s fashion. But, not all girls are suitable for all types of hats and head accessories. Well, so that your head accessories are matching, you need to pay attention to the shape of your face and the type of your haircut. However, if you wish to have a unique hat that can’t be bought anywhere, we recommend you to order customized hats.

Here’s how:

If you have an oval face, you should just choose a round hat so it’s beautiful when traveling.

Someone who has an oval face actually tends to be suitable to use all types of hats, but it would be cooler if you wear a round hat. The suitable hat model is the bowler hat model. In addition, you are oval-faced also suitable to wear a skullcap hat and beanie hat. Oh yeah, don’t choose a big hat, girl, so the heat doesn’t cover your oval face.

Is your face round? Chubby? Just choose a fedora hat so you can match it when you go out

If you have a round face shape, you should choose a fedora model hat. This hat model will make your face look long. Avoid the beanie and bowler hats that make your face even more rounded.

Is your face square? You’re going to be cool and pretty if you go around wearing a hat with rounded edges!

People who have a square face shape usually have a fierce impression if you choose the wrong hat. Well, so that the fierce impression disappears, you can wear a round hat such as floppy, boater hat, and bowler.

Is your face heart-shaped and rather pointed? Just wear a cloche hat!

The shape of the face of the heart is a little like an oval, actually, the chin is rather pointed and the forehead is quite wide. Now, so that your pointed forehead and chin don’t stand out and look cool, you can use a cloche hat.

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