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This Is The Difference Between Event Organizer And Event Planner

Often when we are going to make an event, we need help from other parties who are more professional and experienced, both for event planning and implementation. Therefore we will look for those parties outside. However, sometimes we will be confused to choose an existing offer. Between event management and event planner. Stereotypes of the wider community still often misinterpret these two tasks where they are considered the same. Even though they are actually different. In the meantime, if you wish to hire an event organizer which specializes itself in visual effects, then perhaps you may hire the best 3D Projection Mapping company near your area.

We start with the event planner. From the words listed, we actually already know what the job desk is from the event planner. They provide event planning services starting from the selection of places, dishes, entertainment, performers, event support tools, to the smallest details such as displays to be installed. It is the event planner who will hold all the crazy ideas, know-how ideas, and our desires and then implement them with their own ways and creativity that must remain in accordance with the existing budget. They also will later negotiate with related vendors, so that automatic budgeting is included in the realm of their work as well.

While Event Management is in charge of ensuring the event runs smoothly from the beginning to the end of the event. Those who regulate the running of the event, starting from providing parking spaces, drop-offs, security services during the event, officers in the event, when dishes can be opened, when the MC enters, when entertainment or performers start playing, to crisis management/constraints if something happens during the event. Of course, they must have the ability to organize all the components in the event in a professional manner. They are responsible for the day of the event.

However, does this mean that the assignment of the event planner finishes just until the day before the event? No, it doesn’t.

The event planner is also present on the event day. They are also responsible for checking the readiness of all planned and selected from the vendor to the smallest details. They must work together with event management.

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