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This Is The Reason Grasses Cannot Be Allowed To Rise

Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / January 8, 2019

Many people plant grass in their yard, unfortunately, the grass can also be a problem if you don’t cut it regularly. Usually, there will be pests that appear there and make the surrounding plants die. For this reason, grass must be cut regularly in a certain amount of time. Visit the website that does provide the right lawn mower and according to your needs so you can cut the grass properly.

Grass that is not cut will indeed be a problem. This is because the grass is one of the plants that can grow tight and is able to adapt to the environment. Therefore, farmers usually regard grass as a pest that must be cut. However, you certainly know that cut grass can also grow back, this is because grass can grow from its roots, where grassroots can reach a depth of 1 meter underground.

Because grass that is too high will become a weed, they will cut the grass regularly. If the grass is not cut and allowed to grow taller, it will disturb other plants, especially agricultural plants because the grass will take nutrients in the soil. You need to know that other plants need nutrients in the soil if the amount of weeds is very much it will cause these nutrients to be absorbed by the grass. Plants that are supposed to get nutrients from the soil, actually lose the nutrition.

In fact, in some cases and at the most severe level, grass can cause other plants to die because of lack of food. Therefore, farmers usually cut the weeds that become weeds. However, not only being a weed, but grass also can become an attractive ornamental plant on a porch. Just make sure that you cut it properly so that the grass is well organized.

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