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Tips for Choosing Clothing for the Skinny

By Viola J Wolfson / February 8, 2018

A lean-skinned woman can be quite fortunate because it can wear clothing with a choice of more varied models. But still, have to pay attention to the shape of the body due to select fashion model, The Skinny will look thinner and less attractive. Especially in thin women with chest and buttocks, the choice of dress should be more attention. Wearing a less precise dress, you’ll look like a ‘board’ or ‘ruler’. Here are some things to look for when choosing clothes for the skinny body. Visit fashion-europe.net to get more information.

1. Avoid Clothing Too Strict
Avoid clothes that are too tight and hug the body because it will increasingly look thin. It would be great if you wear clothes that increase body volume. Consider wearing a skirt with a fluffy silhouette, a tulip skirt or A-line. It’s nicer than a really body-fit because it is more accentuated (thin body) unless the butt contains. If the rear is not recommended flat wear tight.

2. Motive Selection
The skinny body can choose large and small patterned clothes. But if you want to look more contained, choose a rather large motive. For example, with the current trend that many apply geometric shapes and three-dimensional print, would be more suitable worn thin woman than the fat. But avoid wearing large motifs from top to bottom because it will make his body sink. If you wear a large head-to-toe motif, it will look like a curtain.

3. Use Bright Color
Dark colors will confirm the curves of the body while making it look slimmer. Therefore, lean women should avoid dark clothing because it will look thinner. Bright colors will make the skin look more contained. Choose a light blue, pink, yellow, orange or dusty palette and pastel in a dress.

4. Note the Silhouette Selection
The skinny body tends to be flexible with almost all fashion models. But you should not wear H-line clothing because it will look more ‘thin’. People with the thin body will look greater if wearing a blouse or dress with a floating suspended or a peplum detail like a dress or chiffon skirt.

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