Tips for improving the FPS in gaming

This time, we want to share with you some tricks that can be useful in optimizing your game video game. Here are some tricks to maximize FPS while playing video games. Meanwhile, you might also visit to know more about the excellent graphics cards.

1. The most convenient FPS test

do the test by adjusting the quality video in the game you play it will be better if directly use alias left alias (Low Quality) then test its Medium. whether there is a significant difference from the conclusion if it is heavier in Medium then do not be forced.

2. Enable VSync

What is VSync, is Vertical Synchronization. It’s Locking the fps to refresh rate number of your monitor. Suppose your monitor sets at the 60Hz refresh rate, then fps will be locked at max 60fps only. Min and average fps may vary. The positive side effect of VSync is the loss of TEARING, a horizontal line that often appears in some games. Then the other positive side is the convenience of the eye, of course, this is for the games that run hundreds of fps on your PC. Then you later drunk 3D because the image appears faster than the control, you should turn on VSync.
But there is another side to note will be the use of this VSync. There are some games that apparently experience mouse-lag when activating VSync (miss Dead Space PC). And do not ever turn on VSync if your VGA is oversized in a game, eg under 30fps, here would be very silly if you turned on VSync.

3. Do not use the fan on the Laptop (If Not PC)

In fact, by using the fan performance to render become more broken. and interfere with your performance during play. Just use a fan but do not spoil your laptop with too often use a fan. then in a condition when you do not use the fan therein Laptop will quickly OverHeat due to accustomed to using a fan. So use the laptop according to its age, and one day can use the fan if the main cooling performance of the laptop does not work anymore. just knew?

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