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Tips for making a kid-friendly garage

By Viola J Wolfson / March 10, 2018

A garage is often not only a place to store vehicles. Goods tools to various spare parts of the vehicle will sometimes also be stored in the garage. Accidents in the most commonly encountered garage are children who get hit by a car while in it. In order to avoid accidents in the garage like this, here we present safe garage tips for children. First, before sitting behind the wheel, get used to surround a car that is still parked. The goal is to ensure safety in the situation around the car. Meanwhile, you can go to garagemasterblog.com to learn more about the garage.

Dig the ground that is used for the garage as deep as 20-30 cm and put the soil in it. It is intended to compact the structure of the soil. Do not forget to flush the soil with a little trampled on it so it’s stronger. Soil pads can be replaced with small-sized concrete or small pebbles.

Make a 30 cm deep foundation that surrounds the garage area using a mixture of cement, sand, and bricks. The foundation will hold the garage to the maximum so that the garage is not easily sagged shifted to the surrounding environment.

Garage flooring should take into account the level of the slope so as to produce a good drainage system. You could say this drainage system that most affect the durability of the garage in your home. The less water that floods the garage, the less the mold and mildew will grow there.

Do not Use Fragile Easy Materials

The last tips to make a secure garage that is not easy to use the type of material that is easily fragile. Avoid making garage frames using wood. The effect of temperature changes and climate change will affect the wooden frame on your minimalist home garage. The wood for garage allows for use when wood is used as a solid wood type such as teak or coconut wood.

Do not assume that you know where the child is standing at that moment. Be sure first before getting into the car and sitting behind the wheel. Not only to your child but also to the neighboring children. Make sure you do not see anyone who is behind the car.

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