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Tips to Pass the Exam During IELTS Australia Writing Test

By Viola J Wolfson / June 23, 2018

Your chance to move to Australia is getting bigger now as some licensed agents will assist you in handling your visa for the purpose of going to Australia, but like a general move then when you want to live in another country you will have to go through an exam first, is an Australian IELTS exam. Sometimes or not infrequently they do not qualify for this exam, that is why we give you tips to pass the IELTS Australian exam for the sake of Migration Australia, as follows; Make sure you read the matter thoroughly and it would be better if you underline the information that you will insert in your writing. Often you will find the background information and the question itself in an essay. Make sure that you answer the question in its entirety and avoid writing general information about the topics described again. If you describe the information you have used in other topics then this may reduce your score.

In the create report section, all the information you need will be on the charts and charts, by their own type. Identify keywords before you start writing so you can make sure that you have written all of them in your report. It is important that you complete both of your essays before your time is up. But writing without planning what you write can be a problem because you may just realize in the middle that you can not complete the essay. You can take the time to plan your writing 10 minutes before you start writing for the essay and 5 minutes before you start writing for the reporting section, the better your plan the faster and better your writing results.

You need to write at least 250 words in the essay and 150 words in the reporting section. You may write more but not less. The more words you write, the more likely you are to make mistakes. You need to create about 260 to 280 in the essays and 160 to 180 sections of the report. This is to maintain the quality of your writing and avoid the mistakes of writing words or sentences that may appear. Rewriting the question will cause you to miscalculate.

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