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Try the large and textured condoms wisely

By Viola J Wolfson / October 7, 2017

If your sex life with your wife has become quite dull, you may need to lit up the fire again in order to bring back the harmony in your marriage life. There are many ways that you can try in order to make your sexual intercourse with your lady becomes more exciting and more adventurous. One of the easiest ways to do it is by using condoms, especially the ones with unique shapes, textures, and flavors. However, before you buy condoms with unique traits, you have to make sure that your wife is experienced in having sex with you, and you may also need to do a little bit of research regarding her sexual preference.

It’s true that using the textured and flavored condoms with different shapes can be pretty exciting. However, if she really is not familiar with any sexual thing, you can be certain that you may have to start with her very slowly and normally. This can be quite plain, but for the newbies in sex, even the normal and steady sex can be quite surprising like a roller coaster ride. So when your sex life gets colder a little, but you wish to improve with despite your wife is not into the erotic things too much, you may have to start with some nice and simple roleplay during sex before you introduce any kind of unique condoms or fetishes to her.

Other than that, even after your wife agrees to try the different types of condoms with you, being careful is still a must. You definitely need to understand whether she likes the big and rough shapes or not. If you’re uncertain, just try the ones with the medium size condoms with less rough texture. This may help you to surprise her while she will likely also be able to adapt to the new kinds of condoms in sex at the same time.

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