Types of Hair Care

Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / November 17, 2019

Do you want your hair to look more straight? Rebonding is a hair straightening technique that is much favored by girls because the price is relatively cheaper compared to hair smoothing. The results achieved from rebonding are broken straight hair such as being ironed using chemicals such as shampoo, cream, and salon equipment such as hair dryers and vise or flat iron. You can also visit hair salons near me to get this treatment:

Smoothing is almost the same as rebonding but has several differences. The results obtained from smoothing are straight hair that looks more beautiful and natural. With the smoothing method that is suitable for straight and slightly curly hair, the hair will be easy to manage and not frizzy. The smoothing process takes longer than rebonding and the results are not permanent so the hair can still be shaped as desired.

The highlight is a hair coloring technique that emphasizes certain parts of the hair so that the texture looks more clear. The color used for highlights is lighter than the original color of the hair. If it is darker than the original color of the hair, it is called lowlight. What hair highlight trends are hitting? Some hair highlight trends that can be found in beauty salons such as hair color contouring techniques, melting highlights, hair strobing, flash effects, romantic hues, neon ascent, burgundy, and compound coloring.

Perming is a digital hair curling technique that is trending and being popularized by Korean stars/artists. The digital perming process takes a long and gradual process but gives good and more perfect results. The first stage is the hair is washed with shampoo and cream then washed again and then the hair is rolled using a hair roll. After that, the curling process begins and hair like a Korean artist can be realized.

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