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Understanding domain: 5 Tips for choosing a good domain

By Viola J Wolfson / January 6, 2018

if you are an online business or a professional blogger, having a site with a unique domain is something you want to be your identity and your site. A lot of online discussions that discuss how to choose and buy a good domain for a site. Meanwhile, perhaps you may also need to check out the Cheap domain names, due to the affordable ones can be a lot better than the free ones.

But wait, what is the domain understanding? Below is a sense of domain according to Wikipedia:

A domain actually is a special and one of a kind name given to recognize the computer’s name of a server such as a web server or email server on a computer or internet network. Domain function is to facilitate the user on the internet when accessing the server but also used to remember the name of the server visited without having to know a row of complicated numbers known as IP address. This domain name is also known as a unity of a website such as “wikipedia.org”. Domain names are sometimes referred to as URLs or website addresses.

Here are some tips on choosing a good domain for your site:

1. Domain As Your Name or Business

Choose a domain name that matches your name or your business

When you create a website/blog for promotional purposes or sell products/services – such as selling perfume products – it would be better if you choose a domain name associated with the perfume. For example, for example, creating a website/blog for promotion or selling original perfume, then you should choose a domain: parfumoriginal.com | jualparfumoriginal.com | parfumoriginalmurah.com | and others. We recommend that you do keyword research first before choosing a domain name, try to make your domain contains your business keywords, have a lot of searches on search engines, and the competition is not too difficult. Use Google Adwords help: Keyword Google Keyword Planner Tool to help you find suitable keywords for your domain name.
If you create a personal website/blog, then you should use your name or your nickname as a domain, for example, yourname.com

2. Choose an Easy to Remember Domain Name

Use a domain that is easy to say, understand, and remember. When you tell someone your domain name verbally – for example over the phone – domains that are too long or hard to understand will be hard to remember or even confuse others.

3. Using Top Level Domain (TLD)

You should use a TLD (Top Level Domain) extension dot com for your domain name. TLD .com is the most easily remembered domain extension by the people. For example when there is a domain with the same word – for example, the original perfume – usually people will try to open a dot-com with extension site first. To check the availability of domain names, you can use the help of this site www.domainsbot.com.

4. Avoid Bad Domain Name

Never use a domain name that has sensory issues or PORN since this will have a bad impact on your site and of course your own image. Search engines like google are usually keyword-oriented, if your domain contains SARA-speaking words, this can result in your site being hacked by search engines, which will ultimately impact the number of visitors to your site.

5. Avoid Adding Character In Domain

As much as you can, avoid including unnecessary words letters and characters to your domain. For example the use of signs, numbers, minus or additional letters – this can affect the SEO power of a site. But if it must be forced to add characters to the domain, then you should use the minus sign (-).

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