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Unemployment Is The Number One Factor Of Divorce

Viola J Wolfson
By Viola J Wolfson / December 8, 2019

Many causes of a broken household relationship. Ranging from a long-term illness, financial problems, to small problems such as the division of labor within a husband and wife. However, recent research found the main cause of divorce is whether the husband works or not. Additionally, if you want to solve your divorce case easily, we suggest you hire a certified divorce attorney near your area.

A recent study published by the American Sociological Review was conducted on 6300 couples, and in the interview period from 1968 to 2013. As a result, the risk of divorce was higher in marriages with unemployed husbands, compared to husbands who had permanent jobs and had a share in family finances.

In addition, divorce also depends on the time when a couple decides to get married. The researchers found, couples who married before 1975 experienced marital problems related to housework. While couples who married after 1975, many caused by unemployed husbands.

Why 1975? Because before, there were not many women who worked permanently so the husbands hoped that the wives were neat in taking care of household chores. But after women joined the workforce in 1975, many things shifted. When women are no longer required to take care of household chores, men are still expected to be the main source of income.

Therefore, men who do not work are common reasons for divorce. Job loss has an impact on depression and mental health, and many marriages do not last when overwhelmed by this problem.

That’s why husbands must try their best in order to feed their families so their marriage can go well without problems. On the other hand, good wives will also support their husbands in getting a good amount of income instead of merely putting some pressure on their husbands. The thing that a husband needs during a hard time is support, and it’s not more pressure. Therefore, if you wish to save your marriage, you must work together with your partner instead of adding more problems to your partner.

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