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What You Can Do When Something Goes Wrong With Your Car Lock

The ignition key is a device commonly used in motors or cars. The ignition key has a function to connect and disconnect the voltage-current in the ignition system. Not functioning properly with the ignition of the car or motor vehicle engine will not be turned on or cannot be turned off. Do you need to call the mobile locksmith when something goes wrong with the key or when it doesn’t work as its function?

Motors and cars never get out of common problems. Usually, the problem is owned by a car or motor is a problem that occurs because the machine is damaged or the performance of the longer the decline

The problems contained in the motor or car not only that, there are other problems. For example, the problem of damage to the ignition of the car and motor that drag and cannot function properly. If the ignition key drags when certain conditions sometimes make you panic instead? The drag contact key is generally caused by corrosion or rust on the inside of the contact.

Corrosion on the inside of the ignition key can be caused by too much rain and rainwater is settled. As we know in general, rainwater is very easy to cause rust on the car component if not directly rinsed. Another factor that causes the drag contact key is that the inside of the ignition and the ignition itself are deformed, may be worn or dry and there is dirt inside.

Already we know beforehand that the main cause of the problem often the key to drag contact is due to the occurrence of corrosion or rust and there is dirt on the inside of the contact. To overcome this you can use oil. Oil has slippery properties that can be used as a lubricant for the contact.

How to solve the problem of the trouble-free contacts, you just need to lubricate the inside of the ignition and perform the on/off motion and repeat it after being given oil or other lubricants that are the same as brake fluid, oil shock etc. Or another way you can do is to spray the inside of the contact with a special liquid such as carbon cleaner and other special liquids. So easily and quickly your keys can function properly.

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