What You Should Check When Choosing Used Cars

When you’ve got the car you want through the internet, and it’s time to see the car right away, there are a few things you should look out for. The plural is to see scratches or dents in the car body, and of course, do a test drive. Going to Cooks car company means you get ready to make the purchase but don’t forget to check these following things.

The bottom of the car

If possible, do the workshop that has a tool to lift the car. Looking at the bottom of the car can help you determine the condition of the car. The bottom of the car is usually rusty, if you find a patch, you need to suspect it could be it to cover the marks of certain damage.

Foot rugs

Footwear in the car’s cab may be cleaned easily, but it’s good to see the bottom, is it damp or maybe wet? It needs to be done because usually, the base/car carpet is wet can cause holes in the car body. If it happens then it will be fatal later. Also, check the bottom of other carpets as in the trunk.

Foot pedal

If you think the miles can be tricked – and have done so often – look at the pedals. If the rubber is worn out, your suspicions may be true. Signs of use on the seat and steering of the car is usually in line with the life of the car.

Parts of the car

Do not be fooled by the glossy look of the machine. Machine washing is usually to cover leaks on the machine. However, splashes of water and oil may indicate that the machine is working imperfectly. After performing the test drive, look again at the rubber cylinders. In addition, the damage or scratches on the connection nut became a sign that the machine was once a major repair in the past.


Do not miss the vehicle completeness papers. Make sure all documents are there when viewing the car. Ideally, you can see the service note of the vehicle with different handwriting, making sure it is not a made-up note. Note also the number of previous owners, you need to be vigilant if there are more than 2 owners of the car within 5 years.

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