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When there’s a Non-Conformity between the charges and the indictment

The indictment is a charge from the Public Prosecutor to the Defendant for the Defendant’s conduct in accordance with the articles prescribed by law in accordance with the laws of your country. In the case where the prosecutor is of the opinion that from the outcome of the investigation a prosecution can be made, he shall promptly make an indictment immediately. In the indictment, the Public Prosecutor enters the Defendant, either by a single article or a sole indictment, namely committing a single offense. In the meantime, you may also need to check out the recommended bocater lawyers when you need to win a corporate trial.

Philosophically, the Attorney, in this case, the Public Prosecutor is the power of the state to enforce public order and also as a representation of the victims of crime. Thus, if the Prosecutor argues in his indictment that the Accused is guilty, the Prosecutor shall prove the defendant’s wrongdoing. More: About the Burden Reversal Load System.

The prosecutor argued the defendant’s faults on the basis of valid evidence, ie

1. Description of the witness

2. Expert description

3. Letter

4. Instructions

5. Defendant’s description

If the Prosecution has been convinced that all the evidence submitted has been fulfilled, the Public Prosecutor will produce a letter of prosecution containing the Accused’s defendant’s crime which will be imposed on the Defendant.

Accordingly, the letters of demand must be in accordance with the indictment because the letters of demand are the attitudes of the Prosecutor against the evidence revealed in court and have been in accordance with the indictment.

On the contrary, if the argument of the Public Prosecutor described in the indictment is inconsistent with the evidence revealed in the hearing, the Prosecutor may demand that the Accused be released. But in practice this is rare.

That’s it for the info regarding the legal law that we can share with you this time. We hope it makes you understand more about the legal methods in your country.

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