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Why People Don’t Recognize Your Website’s Presence

Too often we hear complaints from those who are confused as to why their newly created website does not appear on Google. This is probably the underlying and the reason why you decide to tell google about your website. Appearing on the first page of Google search engine is very crucial for your business. The facts show that more than 75% of search engine users are not out of the first page to get accurate search results. Reflecting on this, it’s understandable that more and more people want to appear on Google’s first page, regardless of how. For your information, there are many things that are important to know if you think to optimize the search engines, especially google for your website and business.

To find out more about why your business website does not appear on Google, it helps you find out how this search engine works first. An online search always starts from the internet network. Your business on the internet is represented by a “website”, which refers to a site or place on such a vast network.

This network is very wide. Until this review was written, there are 60 trillion different pages on an ever-increasing Internet network! Then, how your website can be found correctly in this network? Google uses a robot called “web crawler” to browse the internet network one by one, from one page to another. These search results data are then collected and organized on the basis of content and other factors.

To get the results you want, Google’s search engine algorithm tries to recognize what you mean by keyword search. This algorithm clarifies your search using several features such as spelling, synonym, auto-complete, search, query understanding, and Google Instant matching. From these instructions, Google will select relevant search results by Index.

Somehow, if you think this is too complicated for you to do, the right choice is to contact a company that provides services related to your current business needs.

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