Why You Need Ceramic Coating

Maintaining a car is a must for the owner because a car that is cared for properly will look better than those who have never been treated at all or only know how to use it. Apart from caring for car engine parts, we also need to know how to take care of the exterior and interior of our car. One way that is often done by using mobile detailing Orlando services is a coating. Maybe you often hear what is called the coating, ceramic coating, paint ceramic protection, car paint laminating and so on, but don’t know how they work find more?

Coating cars are an attempt to coat the surface of the car paint with a special material or formula that in addition to being able to make the paint look of our vehicle shinier also functions as a protective paint from extreme weather or light scratches. By giving a coating to the paint surface of our car, we can reduce the risk of damage to car body paint to a minimum or even avoid it. Like a clean white paper that you are laminating, as long as the laminating layer is not damaged, the color of the previous layer is maintained, as well as the ceramic coating applied to the paint of this car.

Ceramic coating is super-thin layer invisibility with the thickness of the constituent particles of this coating which is made with high technology where it is initially a chemical liquid. After being applied to the surface of the paint, the liquid will enter the pores and then this layer will harden so that the surface of your paint does not have pore-like ceramic. With the closed pore of the car paint, the dirt will not be easily attached so that the body of the car is more easily cleaned. Even so easy when the car is invited to drive on dirty, sandy and muddy roads, you only need to spray your car’s body using water until all the dirt falls out and then dry it using a towel or fiber cloth.

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