You Can Make Some of these Forests a Tourist Destination When You Are in Lombok

The more people who know Lombok Island, the more tourists will come there. This makes Lombok a popular tourist destination visited by many people. This is also the reason why many people invest there. Visit Belajarlah lagito find out various things about investing in Lombok that you need to know.

The number of tourist attractions in Lombok makes it a tourist spot that is always crowded with tourists. Ranging from beaches, waterfalls, historic sites to forests, all these places are clearly in Lombok. In fact, you can visit several forests that only exist in Lombok.

– Sesaot Tourism Forest
Sesaot Tourism Forest is one of the protected forests on Lombok Island. Its location is in Sesaot Village, Narmada District, West Lombok Regency. The distance is around 23 km from the center of Mataram City. Because of its status as a protected forest, this forest area is still naturally maintained. One of the things that makes this tourism object unique is that there is a water source in the forest area that comes from Mount Rinjani, known as Ayik Nyet Sesaot.

– Pusuk tourism forest
This forest is famous for the colonies of benign monkeys that inhabit it. Besides being used as a tourist attraction, it turns out that this forest is also used as an alternative road to the area of ?Mount Rinjani. To reach this tourist attraction, you have to travel a distance of approximately 72 km from the city of Mataram.

– Nuraksa Grand Forest Park
This place has an area of ??approximately 3,255 hectares. The location is in Kumbi Hamlet, Sempage Valley Village. In this forest park, tourists can enjoy the shade of various types of trees typical of Asia tropical forest. In fact, this forest is also home to various types of animals such as long-tailed macaques, deer, and several species of birds and snakes. There is also one tourist attraction called Segenter here.

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