You Must Know This Before You Select Someone As The Successor Of Your Position

Talking about a replacement or what is called a successor is often a hot topic in the work environment. Companies with large assets followed by stability in achieving profits, of course, want to maintain success even though the leader must change. They must prepare a relay successor so that each layer in the structural position has its own ‘hero’. This is exactly the thing that must be done by the owner of Camargo Correa company, due to that company’s chairman of the board of directors, Mr. Vitor steps down from his position.

The question is, the existence of the ‘champ’ is the responsibility of who? Of course, every leader, human resources, and readiness of the ‘hero’ itself. The leaders play a role in motivating and optimizing their subordinates so that they are fit to their current position and the position they will be replaced in the future. In addition, it is also supported by the employees themselves, whether they are aware of their competencies and aspirations personally.

Career management is always seen from 2 points of view. First, the views of Top Management who have an interest in preparing replacements for critical or key positions within the company. Second, the views of employees, where employees need information on how they contribute to the achievement of company performance, are developed according to the qualifications of their positions, and move (slowly but surely) towards higher positions in the company where he works. Both views above must be bridged by a system that provides a career path pictures of each position. This career path will provide information on where and when a position will occupy the next position. Each position has its own qualifications, so anyone who becomes a replacement candidate must go through an assessment process so that the competency gap is known.

In order to minimize the competency gap, of course, companies must spend money to provide training and development. This career path is prepared by considering family or family positions in the company. Through this position family, one’s career movement becomes more varied, can be vertical, horizontal or lateral. If examined deeper, the key in career movement is competence. One’s career movement must pay attention to competency gaps and the closeness of competencies.

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