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You Need To Know These Ways To Install Natural Stones Into Your Home Walls

Natural stones can be placed anywhere. However, the thing to remember is not to allow the existence of these natural stones to actually damage the appearance of your home’s face. It is recommended that natural stones only become accents or point of interest. So, natural stone is not the main element that dominates all facades. Comparison between natural stone walls and other facade wall walls should not exceed 40%. On the other hand, you may also call the Special Inspections in Anaheim CA if you need to hire professionals to inspect the result of your masonry project.

Laying these natural stones are recommended in one area and not spread throughout the house / used as the main ingredient in the facade of your house. If it is already in the middle area, it is placed in that area only. For example, along the walls, from terraces, balconies, to the ceiling above using natural stone. While the rest is enough to use ordinary stucco walls with the final touch of paint.

Then, how do you install this natural stone? Installing natural stone is similar to installing ceramics. These are ways to install natural stones into your home walls:

First, soak natural stones in water before installing.

Then, attach cement stucco to the wall and attach the natural stone to the stucco. Use special cement or instant cement so that the natural stone is more firmly attached. The better the cement used for the installation of natural stone, the more powerful the results will be and the natural stone will last longer.

Next, so that the natural stone sticks perfectly, don’t forget to knock – tapping natural stone with a hammer or shovel handle.

Do this until all the desired places are installed by natural stones.

After installation of natural stone, brush the surface clean from the plastering splash and dry it.

If there is cement coming out and on the surface of the natural stone, immediately clean it. Because cement can cause stains on natural stones that are difficult to remove.

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